THE 355 Official Trailer (2021) Jessica Chastain, Lupita Nyong'o, Action Movie HD

THE 355 Official Trailer (2021) Jessica Chastain, Lupita Nyong'o, Penélope Cruz, Sebastian Stan Action Movie HD
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  1. Latosha Conners

    Latosha ConnersΠριν 7 ώρες

    I am so here for this! Yaaasss!!! Come through!!

  2. Oliver Jacksch

    Oliver JackschΠριν 2 ημέρες

    This is what Ocean's 8 should be in 2018.

  3. Ellie.

    Ellie.Πριν 3 ημέρες

    I love Lupita but that accent was painful

  4. Courtney Ellis

    Courtney EllisΠριν 6 ημέρες

    Gonna need to watch this one looks great!!

  5. LORE Channel

    LORE ChannelΠριν 6 ημέρες

    This looks VERY interesting... no surprise, though. After all, "the female of the species is deadlier than the male"...

  6. jordanson66

    jordanson66Πριν 9 ημέρες



    NOR19ANDROΠριν 12 ημέρες

    Is this a modern day Charlie's Angels without a man giving them assignments.

  8. Mario Hall

    Mario HallΠριν 12 ημέρες

    When I see Bourne Identity, I think of shaky cam, garbage fight scenes, I hope this is better.

  9. Mario Hall

    Mario HallΠριν 9 ημέρες

    @AgentNema122 I didn’t say the movie was garbage. I said GARBAGE FIGHT SCENES...which a movie can have and still be worth watching.

  10. AgentNema122

    AgentNema122Πριν 10 ημέρες

    Calling That Movie Garbage....You Must Not Know What A Good Movie Is, Because Bourne Identity Is Amazing. I Truly Feel Bad For You

  11. Cassandra Suitor

    Cassandra SuitorΠριν 12 ημέρες

    Omg the action movie we didn't know we wanted

  12. Jason King Dominus

    Jason King DominusΠριν 12 ημέρες

    I’ll wait for it to drop on Netflix before deciding never to watch it.

  13. joe bob 47

    joe bob 47Πριν 13 ημέρες

    I will watch it for Jessica. and Penelope. where is Salma H? but its basically Oceans 8 with hot spy girls. and in the end, its just a movie. so lets have a bit of that willing suspension of disbelief. although they do make it harder these days to do that.

  14. Dale Wylie

    Dale WylieΠριν 13 ημέρες

    i love Jessica Chastain i'll watch anything she's in she's an incredible actress, a badass and she's stunning she has that real 50's hollywood beauty like Marilyn Monroe

  15. 1lear

    1learΠριν 17 ημέρες

    This looks G.O.O.D. R.E.A.L G.O.O.D. and Lupita SAY LESS mmmmmm

  16. Zan Smit

    Zan SmitΠριν 21 ημέρα

    Can’t wait till theaters are re open

  17. gurujr

    gurujrΠριν 23 ημέρες

    Classier Charlie's Angels.

  18. Young Fago

    Young FagoΠριν 24 ημέρες

    I will deffo watch this , mainly because they didn’t do the whole bull crap marketing all female this ,female that , hashtag girls power bull . Just give us a trailer, make it look good and we will all watch it without passing judgement or feel alienated. Charles’s angels was crap ... oceans 8 was worse . Wonder Woman , catwoman , captain marvel good coz they didn’t do the girl power bull

  19. ChoppaCal

    ChoppaCalΠριν 24 ημέρες

    Now that's how you do a dope female action film. Let's hope that the film is as good as the trailer.

  20. itstherevolution

    itstherevolutionΠριν 24 ημέρες

    0:53 Fk me, are people still doing the 'person standing, bus goes past, person disappears' thing!?

  21. Adrian Collins

    Adrian CollinsΠριν 26 ημέρες

    Glam slam!

  22. fera kay

    fera kayΠριν 26 ημέρες


  23. The Teen Gamers

    The Teen GamersΠριν 27 ημέρες

    This is oceans 8 all over again

  24. winston smith

    winston smithΠριν 29 ημέρες

    100% woke crap.

  25. Fossil farmer 88

    Fossil farmer 88Πριν 9 ημέρες

    @winston smith If you want to see crap, look in a mirror.

  26. Iball nonya

    Iball nonyaΠριν 29 ημέρες

    Yawn. Another "Get Woke, Go Broke" disaster. We're over this shit already. Find a new plot and gimmick.

  27. The Monk

    The MonkΠριν μήνα

    *Y: The Last Man*

  28. theniceone06

    theniceone06Πριν μήνα

    I'm excited

  29. A M

    A MΠριν μήνα

    Governments can destabilize countries by weather warfare?!

  30. Mirror1973

    Mirror1973Πριν μήνα

    I can feel Grace Randolph squinting her eyes in disapproval simply because Chastain is in it

  31. sclogse1

    sclogse1Πριν μήνα

    The first Charlie's Angels were and still are a lot of fun. More fun than the last three Bonds.

  32. wowzer

    wowzerΠριν μήνα

    By the way this is another Chinese propaganda film! Please do not support! Money to this film is money to internment camps! Money to this is money to human organ harvesting!

  33. wowzer

    wowzerΠριν μήνα

    This looks awful

  34. Dawn Matthews

    Dawn MatthewsΠριν μήνα

    I'm literally here for lupita

  35. iammilorex

    iammilorexΠριν μήνα

    It's really the diversity for me.

  36. iammilorex

    iammilorexΠριν μήνα

    My girl Lupita. My dude Sebastian Stan. Rihanna soundtrack. TAKE MY MONEY!

  37. iammilorex

    iammilorexΠριν μήνα

    If this is successful, I'd happily watch 5 more of these. Lol.

  38. Jamal Busby

    Jamal BusbyΠριν μήνα

    This will be the shit

  39. Robert W

    Robert WΠριν μήνα

    Jessica Chastain is absolutely one of the Best Actors Of Our Generation... AND SOME!!

  40. Chad Six

    Chad SixΠριν μήνα

    This looks pretty bad ass!

  41. John Couch

    John CouchΠριν μήνα

    Looks very impressive. Absolutely love all 5 of these ladies in this. Only got snippets, but looks great!!!

  42. The Doughnut King

    The Doughnut KingΠριν μήνα


  43. John Livia

    John LiviaΠριν μήνα


  44. Jonathan Ⓥ

    Jonathan ⓋΠριν μήνα

    Is this like "Project Mc2" but for adults?

  45. Eric Fluellen

    Eric FluellenΠριν μήνα

    Okay, I'm feeling this film.

  46. Mr. Pocket

    Mr. PocketΠριν μήνα

    2020-2030 The decade in which every movie will need a powerful female(s) and someone gay

  47. Jeff Bronner

    Jeff BronnerΠριν μήνα

    this looks AWESOME!! i'm down w/ jessica chastain anytime. not to mention penelope cruz and lupita.

  48. Clara Perez

    Clara PerezΠριν μήνα

    It's Charlie's Angels with real actresses. PASS

  49. Anunnakid

    AnunnakidΠριν μήνα


  50. Carlos Macias

    Carlos MaciasΠριν μήνα


  51. echoaxle

    echoaxleΠριν μήνα

    This team is useless against trump. Vote Bidden/Harris and save America. 🇺🇸

  52. john zadkovich

    john zadkovichΠριν μήνα


  53. snrbeanflicker

    snrbeanflickerΠριν μήνα

    Meh Cough “oceans 8” cough Trying too hard

  54. Nikki Gloom

    Nikki GloomΠριν μήνα

    looks better than 6 underground and that was good. not perfect but good.

  55. ar kot

    ar kotΠριν μήνα

    Plan: "the enemy organization is invisible. But once we flash our hidden assets, we can flush them out. Hence the name - operation flash and bang"

  56. KracknCorn

    KracknCornΠριν μήνα

    As much as I want this to work... I think this is gonna be another woke garbage movie. Woke garbage always has to have token minorities and women belittling men, but always a white woman leading them. It's the same formula they've been trying to push for years.

  57. cumin

    cuminΠριν μήνα

    What an unfortunate thumbnail.

  58. Silence Newberry

    Silence NewberryΠριν μήνα

    I don't normally watch fantasy films, but when I do...I like them to have elves and orcs and NOT little females beating up men twice their size for two hours straight!

  59. LiamborninDC

    LiamborninDCΠριν μήνα

    Why not just call it "Fox Force 5"?

  60. Maria das Santos

    Maria das SantosΠριν μήνα

    Fighting the Bolsheviks in our midst.

  61. smokeystriper

    smokeystriperΠριν μήνα

    "In theaters January 15" Wouldn't that be nice.

  62. DSolarisKnight

    DSolarisKnightΠριν μήνα

    Y'all wrong for that thumbnail. 😆

  63. Craig Gibson

    Craig GibsonΠριν μήνα

    FINALLY! A movie about strong, not-very-likable girls who solve everyone's problems by acting like men.

  64. Jennifer Harden

    Jennifer HardenΠριν μήνα

    They are being strong women. Not acting like men.

  65. Bryan Johnston

    Bryan JohnstonΠριν μήνα

    Fox Force Five finally gets made.

  66. Fubeman

    FubemanΠριν μήνα

    Cool. Can't wait to finally see a movie about the Virginia area code. Long overdue.

  67. Rhett

    RhettΠριν μήνα

    dear rihanna, this is the final call for R9, we need new songs for movies.

  68. kota Ani

    kota AniΠριν μήνα

    Annoying and sick that White Hollywood always has this fixation with linking up Black, Asian or Hispanic woman with white men in movies. It’s basically a white man promotion ad. White men are so damn predictable and insecure. Lol but we ain’t buying it

  69. Tim D

    Tim DΠριν μήνα

    this has Ghostbusters remake written all over it. Lame.

  70. Fossil farmer 88

    Fossil farmer 88Πριν μήνα

    @Tim D This film shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same sentence as ghostbusters. This isn’t a remake of anything and it’s not trying to ride the coattails of an existing property or film. You’re just a bitter malcontent with an inherent bias towards female-led action films.

  71. Ariah Yang

    Ariah YangΠριν μήνα

    Ohhhh shit how'd they get Fan Bing Bing on this?? Damn

  72. D Legionnaire

    D LegionnaireΠριν μήνα

    THE MERCENARY 2020 NOW ON DVD AND FREE ON AMAZON PRIME ....................................NO WOKE

  73. Mauro Sanna

    Mauro SannaΠριν μήνα

    Can't wait to miss another sjw agenda based movie.

  74. Dooley H

    Dooley HΠριν μήνα

    Very nice casting.

  75. olga Benson

    olga BensonΠριν μήνα

    This is gonna be totally kick ass.Charlie's Angels eat your heart out!

  76. Air

    AirΠριν μήνα

    Don’t get me wrong I love all these incredibly talented women coming together in a promising movie, but I mean... SEBASTIAN STAN!!!! 😍😍😍

  77. Fernando Gantier

    Fernando GantierΠριν μήνα

    It looks pretty good!!!!!

  78. M Caines

    M CainesΠριν μήνα

    I can’t wait!!!!!!

  79. RootBeerFlavored

    RootBeerFlavoredΠριν μήνα

    Cut. Print. Crap.

  80. Neil Tipton

    Neil TiptonΠριν μήνα

    I'm sorry, but I thought females and minorities did not get the same opportunities in Hollywood as others did. I thought there was a biased?

  81. Joshua Rodriguez

    Joshua RodriguezΠριν μήνα

    This is how it's done. Not overly cheesy lines. Good lines and acting. Not that lame forced crap just a fun and interesting story with good characters i cant wait looks so fucking good.

  82. daniel Aj

    daniel AjΠριν μήνα

    Lol some shit like this already came out-- the one were they robbed a bank or some shit. this looks bad and cheap plotted.

  83. T D

    T DΠριν μήνα

    Condoms in their earrings?

  84. Macon Richardson

    Macon RichardsonΠριν μήνα

    This looks awesome ! Love Lupita!!

  85. Renee Minksoksi

    Renee MinksoksiΠριν μήνα

    They are all agents but just happen to be models. SO we are in agreement this is Charlie's angels.

  86. Michail Galimov

    Michail GalimovΠριν μήνα

    who let them leave the comforts of their kitchens?

  87. Leticia Ruelas

    Leticia RuelasΠριν μήνα

    This is what charlie angels should of look like... Lol.. Sorry but this tops big time!! Wow..

  88. Not even a little

    Not even a littleΠριν μήνα

    First names only for all the ladies in this movie and we get SebStan. I am there for it...

  89. joe travieso

    joe traviesoΠριν μήνα

    opening speech is almost word for word the speech Judy dench gave in James Bond's Skyfall......

  90. Fossil farmer 88

    Fossil farmer 88Πριν μήνα

    @Charlie Echo Another bitter malcontent wishing for a movie to fail before it has even been released.

  91. Charlie Echo

    Charlie EchoΠριν μήνα

    Yep. Sad.

  92. Nancy I

    Nancy IΠριν μήνα


  93. Demetrius Armstrong

    Demetrius ArmstrongΠριν μήνα

    Is this a sequel to that other Jessica Chastain spy movie?

  94. Product -

    Product -Πριν μήνα

    Would be better with male actors....just saying.

  95. GODRIC

    GODRICΠριν μήνα


  96. Stupid Entertainment

    Stupid EntertainmentΠριν μήνα

    Anyone notice the guy at 1:00 is the assassin who Bourne spares in Bourne Ultimatum? Treadstone spinoff?? Hmmmm....

  97. Charlie Echo

    Charlie EchoΠριν μήνα

    Same filmmakers behind the Bourne films.

  98. Billy Batson

    Billy BatsonΠριν μήνα

    January; makes sense, that’s when all the garbage movies are released

  99. Sam Melia

    Sam MeliaΠριν μήνα

    THIS is how you make a women-led blockbuster. Stop rebooting or gender bending existing franchises and make this.

  100. Billy Batson

    Billy BatsonΠριν μήνα

    Still going to fail

  101. J Fernandez

    J FernandezΠριν μήνα

    Beautiful to see women depicted with strength and intelligence!

  102. Faberna Pierre

    Faberna PierreΠριν μήνα

    This looks AWESOME 😎

  103. tombro911

    tombro911Πριν μήνα

    "In theaters". You mean my house. I don;t see regular theater movies returning til mid to late 2021 the absolute earliest as a normal means.

  104. tombro911

    tombro911Πριν μήνα

    @Ms. Smith Yea, some big franchises theaters were closing down cause of the digital movement I read a while ago. I got Cinemark movie pass membership for like 8 bucks a month and haven't had to make a payment for legitimately 7-8 months but I still earn my two tickets a month for free. Right now I have enough tickets to go with my girl to see a movie like 13 times for free but their theaters aren't open. My theater near me is in a mall so I don't know what risk factor that plays compared to a strictly movie theater building. Your AMC line may be closing down due to Covid and get either shut down or bought by Regal. They have been lost a billion plus before Covid even hit and hundreds of millions from Covid. AMC even went on record saying they will no longer play Universal Studio films after the Trolls movie released online digitally with successful digital buys. We are in the middle of what could be the killing of theaters as a norm and it being a luxury like drive in theaters are now.

  105. Ms. Smith

    Ms. SmithΠριν μήνα

    AMC is open in my area. I went 2 weeks ago and Im going for a Halloween event also

  106. Lisa Knieriem

    Lisa KnieriemΠριν μήνα

    Obviously a movie geared toward young Leftists! ......come back to reality, at least try. The predictability of this B movie is painful...

  107. digitus prime

    digitus primeΠριν μήνα

    Why the political comment about a move about agents from alot of different countries? I guess anything halfway intelligent is too much being a trump tard

  108. Lisa Knieriem

    Lisa KnieriemΠριν μήνα

    What a joke! The new woke? 😂😆😂 No way! Bring back some quality not this identity politicizing militant feminism crap! How damn embarrassing! The only thing missing is Greta Thunberg😂 No thanks I'm not buying, and neither will anyone else I know.

  109. Furious Psy-Op

    Furious Psy-OpΠριν μήνα

    The USA is the biggest terrorist organization on earth.

  110. googie

    googieΠριν μήνα

    Looks predictable and seems to have a bad script. Not gonna bother.

  111. Fossil farmer 88

    Fossil farmer 88Πριν μήνα

    @M B You look awful.

  112. Andrew McCall Jr.

    Andrew McCall Jr.Πριν μήνα

    For the 10,000 thousandth time in history skinny 125 pound bitches save the world !! Awesome 😎! Thanks girls for saving us again!

  113. ssbn401

    ssbn401Πριν μήνα

    Looks good! As everyone has said, it's what Charlie's Angels wanted to be. I get the historical significance of the name, but it's still not a great title - that's my only knock on it.